P.E. Guerin Finishes
Finish Recommendations & Maintenance

Where polished or brushed brass is exposed to heavy use, such as in the case of exterior hardware or plumbing fittings, it is strongly suggested that the surface not be lacquered but that it be maintained from the beginning with the regular use of a good commercial brass polish. Brass, bronze and silver finishes are not recommended for bathroom fittings and accessories, due to the constant polishing that is required for proper maintenance. We suggest gold, pewter, or nickel for their beauty and utility.

All non-brass finishes are plated over solid brass. While we believe the quality of our plating to be superior, no plated finish can be guaranteed. Its durability is in direct relationship to the quality of maintenance. All harsh chemicals and abrasives must be avoided. Cleaning should be done with mild soap and water and the surface should be buffed dry with a soft cloth. An occasional polishing with furniture oil or wax is helpful.

P.E. Guerin Satin Brass Stock Finish

Polished Brass & Lacquer

Standard items are stocked in polished brass and lacquer except where indicated. Please note that basin, tub and shower sets are not lacquered.

Stock Finishes
P.E. Guerin Satin Brass Finish
Polished Brass No Lacquer
P.E. Guerin Antique Brass Finish
Antique Brass
P.E. Guerin Antique Bronze Regular Finish
Antique Brass Dark
P.E. Guerin Polished Bronze Finish
Polished Bronze
P.E. Guerin Satin Bronze Finish
Satin Bronze
P.E. Guerin Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze
P.E. Guerin Statuary Bronze Finish
Statuary Bronze Relieved
P.E. Guerin Statuary Bronze Dark Finish
Statuary Bronze
P.E. Guerin Polished Nickel Finish
Polished Nickel
P.E. Guerin Black Nickel Finish
Black Nickel
P.E. Guerin Polished Nickel Antique Finish
Polished Nickel Antique
P.E. Guerin Old Iron Finish
Old Iron
P.E. Guerin Pewter Finish
P.E. Guerin Verde Finish
Silver-Plated Finishes
P.E. Guerin Polished Silver Finish
Polished Silver
P.E. Guerin Antique Silver Finish
Antique Silver
Gold-Plated & Combination Finishes
P.E. Guerin Antique Gold Light Finish
Antique Gold Light
P.E. Guerin Antique Gold Regular Finish
Antique Gold Regular
P.E. Guerin Dark Antique Gold Finish
Dark Antique Gold
P.E. Guerin Polished Gold Finish
Polished Gold
P.E. Guerin Old Gold Finish
Old Gold
P.E. Guerin Satin Gold Finish
Satin Gold
P.E. Guerin Satin Gold Lacquer Finish
Satin Gold Lacquer
P.E. Guerin Pewter & Antique Gold Finish
Pewter & Antique Gold